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Before your Wedding Day, record your moment with prewedding ceremony with service.  Bali Izatta Wedding have in-depth experience in undertaking completion of Marriage Events, One of the recognized organizations in this domain, we carry out all the arrangements for marriage ceremony such as developing madaps,legal letter,florist decorations, catering and others in a smooth manner. We comprehend the budgetary constraints of the clients as well as their specific demands and accordingly ensure to fulfill the same. Beside, we can also carry out the decoration in traditional as well as modern way. Along with organizing corporate events, Bali Izatta have also developed a special skill in imparting solution for all types of Social Events.


You will experience two types of ceremonies: first will be the Religious
Ceremony, followed by the Civil Ceremony. The Religious Ceremony will be
conducted by a Representative of the couple’s own religious belief (i.e. a
Priest for Catholic, a Minister for Protestant, a Celebrant for Hindu and
Buddhist and a Penghulu for Muslim). They are also required to present a
“Certificate of No Impediment” or similar document ISSUED by their Consulate or
Embassy Representative WITHIN Indonesia for the Civil Ceremony. Requirements to
obtain “Certificate of No Impediment” will be based on the couple’s


This kind of ceremony is normally performed by a Celebrant and the purpose of
this ceremony is to allow the couple to experience an unforgettable ceremony in
Bali This ceremony can also be used for renewing vows or for unmarried couples
wishing to make a pledge or commitment to one another for the rest of their


Other than the smiles of the couple’s face, nothing brightens up a wedding day
more than flower arrangements (bouquet, posy, buttonhole, flower arch,
sprinkles, etc). From the local exotic frangipani (jepun) in the brides’
bouquet to the full arrangement of orchids that adorn the reception tables,
flowers set the tone and the style of the wedding.


Bali has many local, traditional entertainment choices such as: traditional
bamboo music of rindik, Balinese Gamelan, Balinese Dancers, and many more, for
more modern entertainment you can have a Live Band performance, DJ, or any
other that you may wish.

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