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OVERVIEW Founded in 2007, Micky String Orchestra (MSO) is a live music entertainment group (orchestra) based on stringed instruments. We provide music in various genres and formats in Jakarta area, from string quartet to a large string orchestra accompanied with band and singers. We perform classical, pop, rock, jazz, contemporary, classical-crossover, Western, Indonesian, Japanese and traditional ethnic music. We are available for private events, weddings, parties, corporate events, etc.


-    Most of our members are also members of reputable major
professional orchestras in Jakarta.

-    We provide orchestral music performance with quality equal
to that of renowned orchestras but at more reasonable price.

-    We incorporate young and talented string instrument
players and musicians.

-      Appearance, music sound cohesion and unity are our main
priorities, beside awareness of current music trends.

We arrange our music based on string instrument
arrangements / formats.

We also provide suitable sound system to enhance our live

We accept a certain number of requests before the ‘d’ day.

-      We are suitable for any kind of events, such as gala
dinner, table lunch, weddings, parties, ceremonial events, and private events.



Gavrila Setiawan, Kesthi Fitra Satwika,
Marsen Isbayuputra, Sherrin Tharia, Adisti Ikayanti, Rabin Alfath Hemri,
Ramadhina, Muhammad Kynan, Izella Kusumawardani, Yani Listiyani, Dary Heuvelman,


Micky Ardhienoor Husin, Cahyo Pradanto,
Ranty Aryanid, Dela Posita, Nadia Radinka


Sri Handayani, Stella Nindya, Puspita
Demitria, Putri Juree, Mahanaim Purba

/ Keyboard

Shula Zuleika Sumana, Cahyo Pradanto


Ozi Syahrozi, Muhammad Rishadi Fatih


Alva Jonathan, Rino Wartono

/ Percussion

Alkris Rachman


Agave Harmeilady, Kussulistyaji Aryo
Putranto, Reyza Mirhaj, Ismi Halida, Tony



Apart from numerous performances at wedding
celebrations, we have also performed at several corporate events and other
occasions, such as:

Dwiki Darmawan’s Farabi Music
School 5th
Anniversary 2008

Special Performance at Universitas Indonesia
Cultural Event 2008

Bank for
International Settlement Working Party on Monetary Policy in Asia
International Conference Gala Dinner at
Shangri-La Hotel 2008

PT Telkom Calendar
Photoshoot 2008

Recording Session for The Trees and The Wild 2008

The Trees and The Wild Concert at Kemang 2008

Opening Performance for Microsoft Server Hyper-V Seminar at Grand Ballroom Hotel Indonesia
Kempinski 2008

PT Bayer
Christmas Celebration
at Hotel Intercontinental 2008

The Trees & The Wild Debut Album “Rasuk” Launching at
Goethe Institute Jakarta 2009

PT Astra Otoparts Private Event

SNI Award 2010
(Badan Standardisasi Nasional)
Gala Dinner at Balai Kartini

PT Meiji Indonesia Gala Dinner with
Elfa’s Singers at Hotel Nikko
Jakarta 2011

Immigration Academy Farewell Party
at Ministry of Laws & Human Rights 2012


Reach us through our:

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Mobile phone  : 08159172131

Blackberry      : 20101FE8

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Jl Pulomas Barat X No. 6 Jakarta Timur 13210
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